Privacy Policy

The information that we collect

There is some information that we collect from you. Whenever you are registering on our site, we collect the necessary information from you. Apart from that, whenever you are subscribing to our newsletter or placing orders through our site, we gather information from you. Some of the information that we may ask from you is your name, your mailing address or your email address. However, you can give a visit to our site anonymously, if you want.

What are the purposes of taking information?

There are several ways by which we may use your information. So, here are some of the ways by which we use data.

  • To enhance your experience- The information of yours to help us to respond in a better way for your individual lists.
  • To progress our website- We are always in the process of improving our website. And we do that based on information and feedback that we receive from your end.
  • For improving the customer service- Another reason for which we take your information is to improve our customer service. It helps our users to enjoy better customer support.
  • In case, if we have to process any transaction, we make use of your information.
  • Also, we use your information when we host any promotion, contest, survey or any other feature of the site.
  • Besides, we also use your data to send periodic emails.
  • The email address that you are providing us for processing the order, maybe used by us to send information and updates regarding your order. Moreover, we can also use it for updates or service information.

How we safeguard your information?

There are a lot of security measures that we take to secure your sensitive information. Well, when you enter, submit or place an order, we do all the things to protect your information. Also, we use a secure server while doing the transactions. Whenever we are supplying any information, we use 256-bit Secure Socket Layer. Besides, we encrypt into our payment gateway provider’s database. No one apart from the authorized people can get hold of that information.

Our cookie usage

We use a cookie in our website. They are the small files that a website or a company sends to your hard drive through your browser. It helps the service provider to recognize your browser whenever you will enter the site through it. However, if you don’t allow us to send you a cookie, we will not submit it to you. Well, we use the cookie to recognize your shopping pattern so that we can improve your experience.

Are any outside parties getting your information?

We never trade, sell or disclose any personal information that can unfurl your identity to any outsiders. However, we have some trusted third-party allies who can access your data. Well, those third parties are helping us for a long time, in operating website, providing servicing and helping us in our business. Also, we may release information in case if we think that disclosing the information is appropriate.

Third-party links

Sometimes, there is a possibility that we may provide you with third-party products or services. However, when it comes to the privacy policy, those third parties have their own. So, in case, if you are suffering from any issues, we would suggest you go through their privacy policy.

Online privacy policy

Well, the online privacy policy is only applicable to the information that we collect online and not for the information that we collect offline.

Your consent

Whenever you are visiting our website, you are giving us the permission of our privacy policy.

Changes to our privacy policy

In case if we think that we have to change our privacy policy, we can do it anytime. Also, we will post those changes in this site.