Terms of Use

The services that Riggear provides you are subjected to terms, notices, as well as conditions, written in this agreement. Moreover, whenever you are using the services or the products of this website, you agree that you are compatible with the policies, guidelines, terms, and conditions of this site. You will find all the requirements written in this agreement. Only Riggear has the right to modify the terms and conditions of this site. Also, only the site has the authority to change the site whenever they want. To be precise, only this website is responsible for all the changes and modifications. In case if anyone violates the rules and regulations of this site, only Riggear has the authority to deny the access of a particular user. WHENEVER YOU ARE USING THE SITE TO USE ITS SERVICES OR ORDERING PRODUCTS, YOU ARE SHOWING THAT YOU HAVE GONE THROUGH THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS PRECISELY AND YOU AGREE WITH IT. THEREFORE, MAKE SURE TO READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS ACCURATELY BEFORE USING ANY OF THE SERVICES OF THIS SITE.


Well, to know about the privacy policies of this site, you have to go through the ‘Privacy Policy’ section of this site. Reading those will help you to understand the terms and policies in a better way.

License and site access

This website provides you with the license to access the site and use it for personal use. Therefore, you must understand that you cannot download or modify anything from this site except for the written consent from Riggear. Moreover, the license that they provide will not permit you to use this site commercially. Also, you cannot resale any product. Also, you cannot collect and use prices or descriptions, any derivative of the website, any data or account information for the benefit of any third-party merchants. Therefore, you can comprehend that you cannot use any robots, data mining, or any other data gathering tools to get information about this site.

Moreover, you cannot duplicate, reproduce, copy, sell, and resell anything of this site or a portion of this site. If you want to do it, you have to take written permission from Riggear. Also, you cannot use frame or any other framing techniques to disclose any personal data about this site. The personal data that you cannot frame are logos, images, page layout, texts, and several other things. You also don’t have any authority to use any Meta tags or hidden texts, which encloses the name of Riggear.

In case, if the site finds any unauthorized use, it may terminate the license or the permission issued by the website. You will get a limited, non-exclusive, and revocable right to create a hyperlink of this site. However, you have to make sure that those hyperlinks are not showing the website in the wrong light. Also, Riggear has full control if they want to reject, review, edit, delete, or refuse any content if they think that it is defaming the name of the company and violating the terms and conditions of the company. Hence, you must use this site in a way, which is compatible with the terms and conditions of the site. Any illegal uses of the sites such as collecting email id or password through any electronic means or by sending unauthorized are strictly prohibited. Besides, you cannot intercept the data coming to the site. If something like that happens, Riggear will; have to take the necessary steps against you. Also, it will claim the damages that occur to the site due to your unauthorized access.

Third-party links

There is a possibility that this site consists of some third-party relationships, which will lead you to other websites. Also, there is a possibility that some links from other websites may land you on this page. Well, all these third parties are affiliated with Riggear. However, Riggear has no control over the links of these sites. To know about their policies, you have to visit those sites. To be precise, they have their terms and conditions. Also, they have different data collection practices.

We included these sites on our website only for the sake of your convenience. Therefore, whenever you are using those links, you are using those links on your risk. We will not take any responsibility as you are using the links at your own risk. Also, we don’t have any control over the contents of those sites, even if they are affiliated with Riggear. To be specific, we don’t have the endorsement of anything present on that site.

Electronic communications

Whenever you are using this website or sending us an email, you are doing it with the help of the electronic medium. Therefore, you are giving us consent to get in touch with you with the means of the electronic medium. Thus, we will get in touch with you electronically by sending your emails.

Also, we can communicate with you by posting some notices on this site. So, you agree that we can send you any legal advice, disclosures, agreements, notices, and other things through electronic media. Also, it will serve the purpose of the legal needs, which we earlier did through writing.

Reviews, comments, communications, and other content

The visitors visiting this site can post photos, reviews, comments, as well as other materials. However, the visitors have to make sure that those things are not obscene, illegal, defamatory, threatening, infringing intellectual property rights, or if it is harmful to third parties. Also, the visitors have to make sure that the contents don’t have any political campaigning, viruses, chain letters, commercial solicitation, mass mailings, or any kind of other harmful spams. Also, you cannot impersonate any entity, false email-address, or any other misleading contents. In case, if the site finds any of the issues mentioned above, they have the right (but not obligation) to remove any of those contents. In case, if you post or submit any content or material to this site, you are giving perpetual, royalty-free, irrevocable, and non-exclusive right to Riggear.

It will allow the site to modify, reproduce, adapt, use, publish, translate, and create derivative works and showcase those contents throughout the world through any of the mediums. Also, you are granting permission to use the name that you submit along with your materials. You have to make sure that you owe the content, and the content is accurate. Also, you have to make sure that your content is not violating any terms and conditions and will do no harm to anyone. Also, you are agreeing that you are repaying all the effects that are happening due to the contents. Also, Riggear will have the right to remove any material in case if it thinks that it is not compatible with the site. Moreover, Riggear will take no responsibility for the content which you or any third party posts.

Moreover, if someone is posting any images or other content on our website or a social media page concerning our website, the content creator is permitting us to use those contents in the future for representation.

Disclaimer of warranty and liability

The materials, services, and products that you are enjoying through this website don’t come with any warranty except the written ones. Also, they don’t come with any representation. There are some things that this website doesn’t warrant like :

  • Everyone can access this website.
  • The information that you are witnessing in this website is accurate, authentic, and non- misleading.

IN NO CASE, Riggear WILL BE LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGE OF THE PRODUCT. THOSE DAMAGES CAN BE SPECIAL, CONSEQUENTIAL, INCIDENTAL, OR INDIRECT. Even if you INFORM Riggear about the POSSIBILITY OF THOSE DAMAGES IN ADVANCE, they will not take any responsibility. Well, Riggear is only liable to the value of the product and will not cover any damages happening to the products.

There are some state laws, which are not compatible with the limitations on implied warranties or the exclusion of the costs. So, if you are living in any of those places, there is a possibility you will get some additional rights. Or you may live in a place where you will not get those other rights.

All the products that you will get in Riggear are governed by the laws of different states. And in case, if Riggear is not able to deliver your product due to the complication of the state laws, It will credit the amount that it received for the delivery of those products.

While doing the transactions, by using the authorized method of Riggear, there is a possibility that you will witness failure. In that case, Riggear will not take any liability of any damage which is happening due to:

  • Fail to authorize any transaction.
  • If you exceed the present limit, which was decided by you and your bank mutually.
  • Also, it will not take responsibility if any payment issue arises due to the transaction.
  • Also, if the bank declines the transaction for some other reasons.
  • Applicable law
  • We will govern this agreement and interpret and construe according to the laws of India.

Trademark Copyright and Restriction

Riggear has full authority over this site. Therefore, everything that you will find in this site like the illustrations, images, video clips, audio clips, and pictures has our copyright. To be precise, all these things are protected by the copyright acts. And in case of intellectual properties and trademarks, which are controlled by other parties or by us have the license to use them. All the materials, products, and services that you will find in this site are created for your personal uses and for commercial uses. Therefore, you cannot copy, reproduce, upload, republish, transmit, post, or distribute such materials in any other way. The elements that you cannot copy or reproduce consist of email or any other electronic mails. Also, if you modify, change, or use materials without the prior permission of this site, it will be considered as the violation of the copyright act.

All the references that you will find on this site are the properties of their respected owners.

Your account

Well, if you are using this site, it is your responsibility to maintain the privacy of your website. You have to make sure that you are keeping the confidentiality of your password and account. Also, you have to take responsibility for the activities that are going under your account. Also, Riggear sends the product to people who are capable of purchasing the products through their credit cards or any other acceptable cards. In case if you are below the age of 18, you can use this website under the guidance of your parents. Moreover, Riggear has the right to terminate accounts, refuse services, and cancel orders as well as editing and removing the contracts.

Risk of loss

All the items that you are buying from Riggear are according to the shipment contract. And that signifies the fact that the loss of the item will be passed to you from the delivery to the career.


While using this website, you are approving that you will defend, indemnify, and will keep Riggear harmless. Also, you will keep the directors, officials, agents, employees, licensors as well as suppliers safe from all losses, damages, expenses as well as costs. And that will include the fee of attorney. Well, you have to take care of this, in case any violation of the rules happens.

Pricing/Typographical error

The pricing is the amount that it shows. However, there is a possibility that there is a typographical error, or the pricing may vary when it comes from the suppliers of ours. Well, we assure you that we will try to stay as accurate as possible. But, in case, if you think that there is an issue with the product, you should contact us within 24 hours. You will get your difference amount within 4 to 5 business days. The mode of the refund will be identical to your order placement. And the returns of cash on delivery will be done by Paytm / GooglePay or checks. This does not apply during sale period.

Return policy

  • If you find any defect in the product, you can ask for a replacement. The same product will be delivered to you.
  • You can replace product, products, or parts of products if it is available. You will get the notification within 30 days.
  • Riggear will provide replacement only for the products sold by Riggear.
  • If you are going through the installment issues, it will not fall under the return policy.

Cancellation of orders

Riggear has the authority to cancel any orders. And for that, they are not answerable to anyone. They will do this if they find out the requirement of the placed order is not compatible with their policy. However, they will take care that the cancellation is made within a specific period. Also, they will provide you with the applicable return within a reasonable time.